• Welcome to our universe
  • Where technology, innovation & fashion collide

Welcome to the Dynacraft Universe

This is where cool stuff happens every day and where iconic brands come out to play. Check back regularly, because in our Universe, technology, innovation and fashion collide when you least expect it - and awesome things happen.


It is our goal to be better, faster, and more innovative in the next minute than the last

  • For over 30 years Dynacraft has been recognized as the leader in the wheeled goods category; our products are sought after throughout the web and at some of the biggest retailers in the US.
  • We partner with iconic brands and household names. In fact, our partners look to us as technology leaders, surprising innovators and inspired designers.


We offer a universe of design-forward bicycles and battery operated vehicles, including cars, scooters, city scooters and dirt bikes

  • Our team watches the latest fashion trends, ready to propel our design and products forward in a way that connects with kids, families and cool adults.
  • We aim to surprise at every turn, to push the envelope as far as possible. We are excited when we elicit the ‘WOW’ from an unsuspecting customer


We will be the spark that catapults the category forward

  • There are many factors that go into designing our products – speed to market, price point, play value – and we consider every detail during the creative process to keep pushing toward new measures of success.
  • We work relentlessly to stay a step ahead of what’s new and what’s hot. Our place as a leader in the industry is secure and we will continue to carve out that ever-expanding space.

In our Universe the principles are different

It is our goal to be better, faster, more innovative in the next minute than the last. We invite you, your kids and family to see what we mean. You're in for a surprise you never expected.

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