1. Raise your hand if you love the Disney Princess Carriage!

    The Disney Princess Carriage is a product that we cannot get enough of and absolutely adore! It has been so much fun to see children play and enjoy this fantastic Electric Ride-On. It is also amazing to see how children use their imaginations to explore all of what the Princess Carriage has to offer and more!

    We wanted to share this adorable coloring page for little ones to create their very own Disney Princess Carriage! We encourage the use of bright colors, fun embellishments and a whole lot of fun!

    We would love to see your little one’s finished work of art! Post it on Facebook and tag us!

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  2. How-To: Trolls License Plate

    Supplies Needed:

    1. Phillips screw driver
    2. Ruler
    3. Paper
    4. True
    5. Scissors
    6. Markers, crayons or colored pencils
    7. Glitter, sequins, buttons, felt and any other fun material you wish to add!


    Step 1. Use your Phillips Screw Driver and take off the license plate.

    Step 2. Take your ruler and measure your license plate.

    Step 3. Use your scissors and cut your paper to fit the license plate dimensions.

    Note: Parental Supervision Recommended

    Step 4. Write your name or the name of your favorite Trolls character!

    Step 5. Add details and color to your Trolls License Plate.

    Step 6. Place the new artwork in the license plate holder and attach to the Trolls Little Quad with a screwdriver.

    Step 7. Yippee! You now have a finished Trolls License Plate!

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  3. Dynacraft & Cycle for Sight

    Dynacraft was honored to be a silver sponsor for Cycle For Sight! At Cycle For Sight, participants chose to ride from three beautiful 50, 25 or 15-mile courses that span over the breathtaking Napa Valley in efforts to raise funds for two incredible organizations, The Pathway Home Program and Enchanted Hills Camp For The Blind. Check out pictures from Cycle For Sight below!

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  4. Drift away in the Black Ice Drifter

    Stop pedaling, start drifting with the 24V Dynacraft Black Ice Drifter!

    The Black Ice Drifter is the first motorized drifting trike! This motorized drifting trike allows riders to speed uphill and drift effortlessly on flat terrain at over 12 miles per hour! The twist grip accelerator works like a motorbike and allows adrenaline seekers to ride for up to 45 minutes per charge!

    The cutting edge wheel design recreates the rush of drifting across black ice - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! The edgy 24-volt Dynacraft Black Ice Drifter has an innovative design that features a strong frame, integrated front fender that blocks debris from the rider’s face and tubeless tires with PVC drifter sleeves. This bold and unique product also comes with a 1 year limited warranty!

    Get your very own Dynacraft Black Ice Drifter today! Shop now!

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  5. Bike Driver’s License Safety Test

    Do you remember when you first received your driver’s license? It was such an exciting and important day, right? We thought it would be fun to introduce this concept to children through a Bike Driver's License Test. This will encourage your little ones to be responsible bike riders and help enforce your own bike safety rules.

    The answers to the Bike Driver’s License Test are up to the discretion of the parent. Here are our recommended answers:

    1. True
    2. Helmet and shoes
    3. Refer to the U.S. Department of Transportation Guide to Hand Signals.
    4. True
    5. Refer to the specific product owner's manual for detailed instructions on how to properly use the brake functions.
    6. Look both ways and cross the street cautiously.
    7. False
    8. True

    If they pass the test, they will be able to receive their very own Bike Driver's License.

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