Captain America Tie-Dye Shirt

Do you have a favorite Avengers superhero? Well, we love them all, but we think Captain America is just so awesome! Plus, it is crazy that his shield has helped him in so many fights and even saved his life! This #FamilyFun Friday, we are sharing with you how to create a Captain America Tie-Dye Shirt! The tie-dye process may sound intimidating, but we have laid out 12 easy steps that will help you make your Captain America Tie-Dye Shirt! Now, who is ready to have some superhero fun?

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The Perfect Family Valentine's Day

Today is a big day! It is National Pizza day and the start of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018! We thought this would be a great night to stay in with your family, make yummy food and watch the 2018 Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, we thought it would also be fun to make heart shaped foods! Below are recipes for the most adorable mini pizzas and charming cookie cake.

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Make a Hot Wheels Frame for #FamilyFunFriday!

We are sharing a super easy DIY project that will be fun and can be completed within a half hour! This simple project can be used to decorate your sons’ or daughters’ room or even be given as a cute and thoughtful gift! Let your child pick out their favorite Hot Wheels cars to make this DIY project even more special!

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My Little Pony - Pony Wings Shoes

We <3 My Little Pony! That is why we are sharing how to make these whimsical and fun Pony Wings for your shoes this #FamilyFun Friday! You can take your pony wings on many play adventures or to even go watch the My Little Pony: The Movie!

***Please note: Adult supervision is required when using scissors and the hot glue gun.***

What you will need:

  • Colorful craft foam
  • Hole Punch
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Scissors

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Shopkins + Slime = #FamilyFunFriday!

Who knew that in 2017 one of the hottest trends with children would be slime!? Raise your hand if you have had to go and buy glue in bulk or host a “Slime Sleepover”? Well, we have a super fun way to make your little loves slime totally stand out in the most adorable way!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of making slime, don’t worry! We listed out all of the supplies that you will need and a step-by-step instructions below!

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Do you believe in Unicorns? We sure do!

Willow is our magical 6V Unicorn Ride-On who has a major sweet tooth! We have a yummy treat that you and your littles will just love!

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Can you spot Snowflake?

Are you excited to have your Elf on the Shelf back this holiday season? Dynacraft’s elf is named Snowflake and boy are we excited that he is finally back! Can you spot Snowflake in the picture below?

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Black Friday Deals!

We are so excited to share some of the hottest deals on our coolest products this Black Friday! Start saving $$$ below!

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Top 5 Reasons To Bring A Bike To College

  1. No parking pass required

    Which basically means that you can sleep an extra 10 minutes because you are not wasting your time trying to find a parking spot. #score

  2. Environmentally friendly

    Seriously, you will be making the planet Earth a healthier place because you choose to ride your bike instead of driving your car. So, the World should really thank you!

  3. Saves money

    You can splurge on things like a concert ticket or even an extra case of Ramen since you won’t be filling your gas tank. $$$

  4. Helps fight off the freshman 15

    Say yes to that extra slice of pizza because you are going to burn it right off when you ride your bike to History 101.

  5. You can explore

    Owning a bike gives you the opportunity to go explore campus and your new community in a way that a car just cannot do.

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