Barbie Pink Passport Sweepstakes - Meet Ava!

Hey everyone! We want to introduce you to Ava! She is a 6-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia.

Her favorite thing to do is ride her 18" Barbie® Pink Passport Bike through the parks of Atlanta with her mom.

We asked Ava, "What is in your Barbie Pink Passport Bag?"

  • Sunglasses - I love wearing my pink sunglasses! They are so cute!
  • Journal - I’m supposed to write in this thing, but I mostly draw pictures…
  • Fun Hair Clips - I just thought these hair clips were pretty.
  • Goggles - You never know when you will ride past a splash pad!
  • Sunscreen - Mom makes me wear this stuff. It’s sticky + smells weird,  but I get a sucker if I wear it!
  • Hand Sanitizer - Because germs are gross…
  • Bright Hair Ties - I like to wear these as bracelets
  • Cool Chapstick - This stuff is awesome and it taste like strawberries!

Do you have a park near you? If so, grab your bike and go on an adventure!

Don’t have a bike or maybe you are looking for a new one? Ava got her bike at Toys“R”Us!

Take a picture of your bike ride and upload it here for your chance to win an 18” Barbie Pink Passport Bike and other Barbie goodies!