Drift away in the Black Ice Drifter

Stop pedaling, start drifting with the 24V Dynacraft Black Ice Drifter!

The Black Ice Drifter is the first motorized drifting trike! This motorized drifting trike allows riders to speed uphill and drift effortlessly on flat terrain at over 12 miles per hour! The twist grip accelerator works like a motorbike and allows adrenaline seekers to ride for up to 45 minutes per charge!

The cutting edge wheel design recreates the rush of drifting across black ice - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! The edgy 24-volt Dynacraft Black Ice Drifter has an innovative design that features a strong frame, integrated front fender that blocks debris from the rider’s face and tubeless tires with PVC drifter sleeves. This bold and unique product also comes with a 1 year limited warranty!

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