Girls Night Out!

Every once in a while, we just need to take a time out and hang out with some of our favorite people. Jobs and school can cause stress and tension, so a little break is essential for productivity!

Pick a night (or nights!) this summer and plan a Girls' Night out! And don't let the name mislead you - you can pick any time of the day for your event. The goal is to find precious time to spend with those who mean the world to you. You could spend this time with your daughter or even plan a Moms’ Night Out. For our activity, we gathered a few friends for a bike ride! We decided to meet up at a local park and catch up while leisurely riding around the trails. The ideal activity will vary depending on the weather, location, and time of the year. We have put together a list of activities to do for a Girls Night Out that are easy to plan!

Activity Ideas:

  • Go for a bike ride at the local park
  • Plan a potluck dinner or taking cooking lessons together
  • Sign up for a painting class
  • Go for a walk or hike to catch the sunrise or sunset
  • Head to a local festival for shopping, music and good eats
  • Grab a cup of coffee and a sweet treat
  • Visit your favorite museum to admire any new exhibitions
  • Pick fruit at a local farm
  • Go ice skating and chat over hot chocolate at the fireplace
  • Plan a picnic with a cornhole tournament
  • Bake cookies or a special treat for your families
  • Shoot some hoops
  • Go bowling
  • Play a board game
  • Sign up for a class at the gym
  • Go to the karaoke bar and sing your favorite tunes
  • Watch a movie at the theatre or at home

Tag us on social media with the activities you decided on and who you decided to share them with!