My Little Pony - Pony Wings Shoes

We <3 My Little Pony! That is why we are sharing how to make these whimsical and fun Pony Wings for your shoes this #FamilyFun Friday! You can take your pony wings on many play adventures or to even go watch the My Little Pony: The Movie!

***Please note: Adult supervision is required when using scissors and the hot glue gun.***

What you will need:

  • Colorful craft foam
  • Hole Punch
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Scissors

Step 1. Draw your pony wings
You can draw your own Pony Wings or download our template here.

Step 2. Cut out outside pony wings
Place the outside pony wing pattern on foam and carefully cut it out following the template.

Step 3. Cut out inside pony wings
We recommend using a piece of foam that is a different color than the outside pony wings. Place the inside pony wing pattern on the foam and carefully cut it out following the template.

Step 4. Stick em’ together
Please be extra careful during this step! Place the inside wings in the center of the outside wings. Hot glue the inside wings to the outside wings.

Step 5. Lets make the eyelets
Unlace your shoes and flip your wings over to draw a dot for each shoestring hole on the shoes. Use a hole punch to punch holes in the foam in the center of the dots.

Step 6. Tie the laces
Place your Pony Wings on each shoe and lace your shoes back up.

Step 7. You’re ready to fly!
Take those fancy shoes out for their first flight! You can take let them fly around using our My Little Pony Scooter!

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