Patriotic Neighborhood Tackle!

The Fourth of July is only two days away, and you’re trying to plan a fun day filled with sunshine. We have the perfect Patriotic Neighborhood Tackle for you to jump on. We have fun red, white, and blue themed games and activities to make the whole neighborhood stay around for hours. You can create a watermelon eating contest, water balloon fight, and bowling with water bottles.

Watermelon Eating Contest

Fruit tastes even better in this heat. It’s time to take out the big watermelons and have a Watermelon Eating Contest!

What you need:

  • Picnic Table
  • Watermelon

Directions of the game:

This game is a contest on who can finish their slice of watermelon the fastest! You set up a picnic table and cut your watermelon into four slices. Have four kids line up with their own watermelon slice and make sure they do not use their hands but only their face to eat their watermelon slice. Whoever finishes first wins! It’s a fun and simple game that every kid will love.

Water Balloon Fight

Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight? There are never enough fights, and kids just want more and more! To make this fight a little bit more celebratory for the occasion, purchase red, white, and blue water balloons!

What you need:

  • Water Balloons (Red, White, and Blue for occasion)
  • Two Buckets
  • Your Game Face

Directions of the game:

Separate the kids into two teams. Each team has their own bucket filled with water balloons! Throw your water balloons at the other team, and have fun! If you want to be more competitive and announce a winner, just look for the team who is the most dry. Have fun!

Water Bottle Bowling

Everyone loves to go out to bowl, but why not do it in your own yard? This game will allow you to be more creative and still make it the perfect Fourth of July theme.

What you need:

  • Red, White, and Blue Construction Paper
  • Tape
  • 6 Empty Water bottles
  • Big Bouncy Ball


Pick out the red and blue colored construction paper and cut out 3” inch strips

Take those strips and tape them on the top end and bottom end of the water bottle. You now have your striped water bottle pins! Next, take your 6 empty water bottles and fill the bottom with rocks. (This is to keep them from flying away too easily)

You are now ready to take your bouncy ball and bowl!

Directions of the game:

Line up your decorated water bottles as a bowling pin set up. Have your kids line up 10 feet from the water bottles and let them bowl with the bouncy ball! A fun and easy way to entertain.

It’s time to take on this Fourth of July!