Top 5 Reasons To Bring A Bike To College

  1. No parking pass required

    Which basically means that you can sleep an extra 10 minutes because you are not wasting your time trying to find a parking spot. #score

  2. Environmentally friendly

    Seriously, you will be making the planet Earth a healthier place because you choose to ride your bike instead of driving your car. So, the World should really thank you!

  3. Saves money

    You can splurge on things like a concert ticket or even an extra case of Ramen since you won’t be filling your gas tank. $$$

  4. Helps fight off the freshman 15

    Say yes to that extra slice of pizza because you are going to burn it right off when you ride your bike to History 101.

  5. You can explore

    Owning a bike gives you the opportunity to go explore campus and your new community in a way that a car just cannot do.

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