Water Balloon Fight!

We might only be a few weeks into summer, but the heat will make you desperate to find clever ways to cool off. It will be tempting for your kids to resort to staying indoors to avoid the hot temperatures, but we have an activity that will make them want to stay outside! All kids, no matter their age, will love an all-out water balloon battle!

Supplies needed:

  • Pack of water balloons
  • Bucket for holding filled balloons (You may want one bucket per team)
  • Bandanas (optional)
  • Face paint (optional)

Let the fun begin:
Everyone knows how to have an old-fashioned water balloon fight, but we have a few ideas about how to “remix” this activity!

If you have a large group of kids, you can separate everyone into teams of two and give each pair one bandana. One child will cover their eyes with the bandana while the other child guides them toward the water balloon bucket and their targets. If you decide to break this game into a few rounds, you can make them gradually harder for the kids. For example, during the first round, the blindfolded child can be guided by their team member through tapping or turning maneuvers.

In the next round, the child without a blindfold stands on the sidelines to audibly direct the blindfolded partner on where to turn or throw the next balloon. You can even add face paint to the child’s skin so their team’s designated colors are displayed proudly!

Try our ideas to make a splash with the kids and feel free to add your own twist to the fun! Don’t forget to let us know about your water balloon fight on social media!