Non-Profit/Charitable Donation Request Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Dynacraft. We have a rich history not only in our products, but with our efforts in our community. We receive many requests for donations, sponsorship, and products, and each year we proudly assist as many nonprofit organizations in the Savannah, Georgia area that we can.

To better serve the many requests that we receive, we have established the following eligibility and submission guidelines:

  • The non-profit organization or fundraising event must be based within 75 miles of Savannah, Georgia.
  • Your non-profit organization or fundraising event must be preapproved to participate in our nonprofit/charitable donation program. Preapproval occurs January through March 1st of each year. There are no exceptions.
  • If you have been preapproved, you will be notified in March. All nonprofit/charitable donation requests must be in writing, on company letterhead. We do not accept any verbal requests.
  • After you have been preapproved, your non-profit/charitable donation request must be received no later than July 1st of the same year. There are no exceptions.
  • Due to the large volume of requests, as general rule, we must limit donations to once per calendar year for each organization.
  • If you have requested a 501(c)3 product purchase, donation or sponsorship, Dynacraft has the right to determine the item(s) you will receive. We try to accommodate your needs but do have limitations
  • Donations are subject to availability.
  • All nonprofit/charitable organizations must recertify through Dynacraft’s preapproval process annually.

If your nonprofit organization or charity event is within 75 miles of Savannah, Georgia, and you would like to go through our preapproval process, please complete one of the forms listed below and return it to , or fax to 707-603-1599:

For further information on a 501(c)3 product purchase, please see our .